About Us

Karma is a cultural space which promotes social and individual development through knowledge transfer between different community people. Karma is a non - profit organization registered in Pondicherry –South India. We aim to strengthen the connections between various cultures and create community’s friendship. The curious and lovers of India will learn the art, traditions and flavors that make the richness of this country. It’s considered to be the base foundation of learning for individuals in natural way to practice and to meet different people from different parts of the world.

Karma supports the local community in transformation of knowledge through women and child development. Transformation can be done only by educating the women & children and creating a good individual space for them in the society. We are very much focused on women and child development because they are our future decision makers in developing the society in a right path. Training programs are conducted for the development women to create a self employment opportunities and to create a proper identity for them in the society. Karma has identified orphan & semi/orphan children and support these children with proper education / medical facilities and all types of basic needs. We take the responsibility to reproduce these children as a good citizen of our nation.

Karma aims to promote Indian arts and culture through realistic activities & different kind of workshops which is performed throughout the year. . Discover with KARMA how powerful a partnership on equal terms of meeting and exchange of Knowledge. Karma highlights your stay in India by providing a joyful and friendly environment

Karma also provides direct volunteer support to the NGOs those who work for the poor and down trodden community. There are many NGOs here that are desperate for voluntary help- whether it is from skilled or unskilled volunteers. It was created to make a platform through which international volunteers can come and offer their services.It works with local teams on the ground serving you as well as Karma’s project partner where you volunteer.


Karma is a center for exploration, collaboration and cultural fusion . We believe that the arts are for everyone, that the creative process is a basic aspect of the human experience, and we encourage all to participate. It is a Cultural Center provides the tools, resources and training for individually to succeed creatively as well as sustain themselves globally. All are encouraged to make their life around their art and are given the opportunities and venues to support themselves through their work in the arts. Being a cultural center Karma also wants to expand themselves by serving the local community people. Supporting the childrens through education/ awareness & empowerment programs to women and also to provide a healthy living .

A Cultural center touches the senses and speaks to the heart. It celebrates, it shares, it displays and it teaches. It carries on tradition, brings history to life and finds roots. It is an environment that says , “ Welcome” where we learn how much we all have in common.


Karma cultural center is interested in the preservation of Indian cultures as reflected in music ,art, dance spoken word, etc. Karma cultural center’s principal goal is the investigation, compilation, preservation and dissemination of traditional Indian culture through art. Karma focuses on creating a platform to the local community for their future.


Account Name: Karma Cultural Centre
Account Number: 1230135000008111
IFSC code: KVBL0001230
Address: The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd Pondicherry-605001-south india