Volunteer placement

Karma also provides direct volunteer support to the NGOs those who work for the poor and down trodden community. There are many NGOs here that are desperate for voluntary help- whether it is from skilled or unskilled volunteers. It was created to make a platform through which international volunteers can come and offer their services. It works with local teams on the ground serving you as well as Karma's project partner where you volunteer. Volunteers can also be single/ group/ family placements are arranged according to their convenient and interest.

Volunteers are placed at free of cost if they are willing to stay in the accommodation which is provided by us otherwise very less fees will be charged from the volunteers as a placement service charge. This charge must be paid only by the volunteers before their arrival. Volunteers are requested to take care of their accommodation and food expenses. We also help the volunteer in getting volunteer visa with the help of volunteer visa they can also extend their service. Volunteers get an opportunity in exploring different types of courses like language classes (tamil/ hindi/ Sanskrit/French) Indian cookery, art & culture.

Volunteers are taken to tours, picnics during their stay with karma. We assist the volunteers in identifying the projects, accommodation, transports, tours etc. Reimbursements are also done to the volunteers those who make a project commitment and assure a long stay. (For example: till the completion of the project, assisting with the new projects, developing the existing projects, etc) Reimbursement includes to and fro flight charges, accommodation, food and other basic expenses which is met by the volunteer during their stay in India. Airport Pick up and drop are arranged to the volunteers on behalf of request. Volunteers are not allowed to violate the rules and regulations during volunteering in case of violation of rules strict actions will be taken by the organization.