All the orphan and semi-orphan children in the local community use to grew up by speaking local language, some may knew to read & write but others don't know to read &write the local language itself. To break this language barrier we introduced Language learning program(LLP) with the help of multi languages skill he/ she make a quick and easier correspondence and can get their things to be done individually.

French/ English/ Spanish/ Hindi/Tamil, etc are been taught to orphan and semi-orphan children from their school level itself. Classes are conducted by experienced faculties starting from beginners level to experts level .Language course certificates are provided after the completion of the course.

No type charges are collected from the orphan and semi-orphan children. When they complete their 14 years of school education children will easily speak more then one language it helps for their future job opportunity . Meanwhile by learning multi languages they get an chance to travel around this world and make their living more comfortable according to their wish. Classes are taken for all children of all age groups.