Children Leadership program

To eradicate illetracy and poverty karma came with an idea to provide a good education to all the orphan and semi-orphan children those are identified and adopted by Karma. Illetracy and poverty are the two basic platform to change an individual from being a normal person in this society.

It leads to all types of illegal activities and in future gives him a title called "CRIMINAL/ ACCUSTE". To stop this Karma started a program called "Children Leadership program (CLP)"with an simple idea of giving education to all orphan and semi orphan children. Under this program orphan and semi- orphan children are sponsored from their childwood level with all the basic needs .All these children are provided with School uniform/ Bags/ Note books/ Subject books/ Pens/ Slippers/ Bathing soaps for the whole complete year.

Karma also provides scholarship for the orphan and semi orphan children for doing their higher studies after completing their school education. We take the responsibility of bring the children with good knowledge , education and reproduce these children into a respectful person . We also help these children by providing a happy and normal living like others in a very friendly atmosphere with a proper love and care.