Bharatanatyam (pronounced ba-rata-na-tiam) is a classical dance style from South India performed by both men and women. It is called the "fifth veda", and is widely considered to be the oldest dance form in India. It is one of the most highly refined developed systems of dance, and is recorded as far back as the 9th century.

Bharatanatyam is performed to traditional South Indian Carnatic music. In addition to a singer, some common instruments are violin, mrudangam double headed drum), and flute.The dance itself is largely a storytelling dance. Most of the stories are from the epics and Hindu mythologyThe dancer uses poses, facial expressions, and hand movements to communicate the story to the audience. Like fresco painting in Christian churches, the original purpose of Bharatanatyam was to educate the public about the scriptures.Because of its intricacy and specificity, Bharatanatyam could be used to tell any story in any language

Workshop and classes are organised and trained by skilled professionals . Depending upon your stay in India you can chose your timings / classes. Both Individual and group classes are conducted in our premises. Karma cultural center is a point of contact were you can be trained in a traditional way . It helps you to learn the art in a traditional environment